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Saint George
The story about Saint George Monastery is lost in the depths of the centuries. It is built near or on an ancient temple, that of Apollo-Helius. That area also included the Oracle of Apollo of Sellinous. The Monastery was transferred to its present position just a little bit over Loutra Aedipsos and at a distance of 13 km from Aedipsos village.

At the former location of the monastery there is a small church dedicated to Saint George. Having been located at a site of such amazing natural beauty, with a soil so fertile and with an extensive estate in its possession, the Monastery went through many disasters during the times of the Ottoman Empire. The last time it was hit was in 1821, when many of its precious relics and sacred heritage items were destroyed. The current convent of Saint Georgeat Ilia, which is catered only for women, is extremely beautiful and most interesting in terms of its church relics. It is indeed worthy visiting this monastery and its surrounding area.

Hrysovalantou Monastery
This is the monastery of Saint Irene Hrisovalandou, a newly founded monastery, situated on a green slope. The view from here is magical, while in the tranquil atmosphere in the monastery you can take a rest and meet the monks. While driving on the road Aedipsos – Rovies, you will find the cross road with the road that leads to the monastery after a 2km drive.

Galataki Monastery
This is the monastery of Saint Nikolaos, known as well as Galataki Monastery. It was built in the 15th century, and it is one of the oldest monasteries in Evia and Greece in general. It is 12 km from Limni, and the road that leads to the monastery is an accessible country road. The scenery is very beautiful and the view towards the blue waters of Evoean Gulf is simply breathtaking.

It is a women’s monastery and has great history dating from the Byzantine period, in 1576. At the court yard are pieces of an ancient temple of Posidon, while in the same area is a Venetian tower, which according the traditional tales, was built by the old Saint David. Very near to the monastery, on a rocky area, is the ascetic cave of Saint Andreas (Andrew).

Saint David Monastery
At a close distance from Rovies, at the crossroads near the main road Kerasia – Istiea, is situated the famous male monastery of Saint David. It is famous in Evia and also in Greece and was built on a beautiful spot, with natural beauty of trees and water springs.

The monastery was founded in 1550 and has very rare hagiography as well, as historical relics there are exhibited in the monastery’s museum. The monks are very hospitable with the visitors, and offer local fruits and products.

Monastery of Saint John the Russian
At the village Prokopion, which is about 40 km from Rovies,you can pray at the Church of saint John the Russian.There lies his holy relics, which were transfered to Procopion at 1924 during the population exchange along with refugees from Minor Asia.