• A/C
  • TV
  • Free internet
  • Heating
  • Cooker
  • Fridge
  • Parking


  • 30 beds
  • Open all year
  • Choice 2 beds
  • Choice 3 beds


In Ilia, a scenic fishing village with serene atmosphere and very beautiful environment you will find traditional fish-taverns with fresh fish and seafoods.

Ilia is the ideal choice for vacation, combining the calm of a graphic village, with the spotless sea and the good food, in the small port of the village with the traditional color, the fishing boats and the taverns near the beach.

In Ilia there are also therapeutical fountains. The fountains have temperature 40 degrees of Celsius and spurt almost in the level of the sea. The water runs under the gravel of coast and its presence becomes perceptible from the red sediment that settles and also by the increased temperature. The baths become in water tanks, which is opened in the coast.

Those who love 4x4 and walking can begin their sally from the village to the forestall streets that lead to Telethrio mountain, to Ano Ilia and the monastery of Saint George. It is worth visiting the forest in the Valandi Mountain, in height 883 meters. There you can find oaks, bearberries, and a lot of running waters.