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Drymonas Waterfall
In Rovies, there are many magical and beautiful sites, one of which is the park with Drymonas Waterfalls, which is situated 15 km from Rovies and 2 km from the village Drymona.

There is a path, designed by the forest authorities, where the bridges that are found there are made by forest materials. The forest’s plantation is very rich and there are many pine trees, fir trees, oaks and others. There you will find the water fall, which flows into a small lake.

The river Sipias creates magical scenery that combines relaxation and tranquility. At the wider point of the path, you will find the forest kiosk that has an interesting exhibition of local plants, fauna and fossils.

From the water fall point, two natural paths are found, one leading to the top of the mountain Xiro Oros and the other to the monastery of Osios David. If you follow the first path, after a distance of 4,5 km you will reach the top of the mountain, where you will find an old volcano, which according to the forest authoritie’s information, is still active.