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One of the most famous towns in Evia is that of Aedipsos (Aedipsos), also known as the spa city due to the many natural spas that are found here. Aedipsos is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year, and each season brings with it a beautiful variety of new colors, aromas and scenery.

Aedipsos is easily accessible from all over Greece. From Athens, the distance is just 151 km crossing by ferry boat from Akitisa. From the capital of Halkida on Evia, the distance is 171km.

The town of Aedipsos is one that offers visitors a wonderful variety of activities and excursions. It is a region that is well catered for tourism, and you will find an excellent selection of restaurants and cafe bars. It is also an ideal base from which visitors can venture out and explore some of the beautiful surrounding regions.

There are more than 80 spring spas and thermal baths in and around Aedipsos, where the water temperature varies from 28 - 86 Centigrade. These natural waters are well known for their healing properties, and many sufferers of rheumatism, arthritis and various inflammations have reaped the benefits of the spas natural healing abilities.

As well as the therapeutic facilities available in Aedipsos, visitors can also enjoy many other activities. During the summer season, the beautiful beaches around the region are perfect for bathing and water sports. There are also many cultural and athletic events that take place each year including beach volley and rackets, as well as dance, music and theatre festivals that are attended by groups from all over the world. If you are visiting Edipsos during these events, you should definitely try to attend, as they are a wonderful experience.

Ξ¤here are also many interesting monasteries scattered around the area that are well worth visiting. These include the monasteries of Agios Georgios Ilion, Osios David of Rovies and the Church of Agios Ioannis Rossos. These monasteries provide a fascinating insight into the traditions and culture of the region.